German Archimedes Group

The German Archimedes Group (GAG) is a German club for computers from the former (not the current) company Acorn and those from those, who offer follow-on systems, that is Castle, Advantage Six, and the odd ex-producer. Furthermore we publish the German RISC OS magazine GAG-News since 1992. We're happy to welcome any user of a computer capable of running RISC OS as well as those interested in these systems.

Since the information we pass on in our Acorn magazine is in German we assume that it is not of too much interest for you if you can't read German.

Here are some interesting links on our website though:

Software pages Links Iyonix, Omega, ...

Herbert zur Nedden
Alte Landstrasse 21
22962 Siek

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In case you have comments (apart from this site being in German :-)), please fill out our message form.
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