Das Modul EtherUSB, dass gegenüber Version 0.42 in RISC OS 5 und Version 0.7x im IPv6er-Paket folgende Verbesserungen bietet:

Die Verbessserungen hat Thomas Milius implementiert; der Quellcode ist im Download unten enthalten

The module EtherUSB that offers the improvements listed below over the module version 0.42 in RISC OS 5 and version 0.7x in the IPv6 package:

The improvements have been implemented by Thomas Milius; the source code is included in the download below

Download EtherUSB v0.43   Download EtherUSB v0.43 Sourcecode


Erste Version hier / first version here

Case study

With the two „classic“ EtherUSB from ROOL or ROD if I plug in some Ethernet-USB adapter usually a *RMReinit EtherUSB is needed and then an *USBSetConfig for the correct device to enable the Ethernet part... and it does not support my new Anker A8352 that offers SD card readers, HDMI, Ethernet and more.

This new EtherUSB from Thomas Milius makes things just nice since it does support my new Anker I just plug it in and the ethernet device is ready to roll with no need for any *RMReinit or *USBSetConfig :-)

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